I’m Claire, a writer, editor and reader from Newcastle, Australia.

I’m obsessed with words; I love books and blogs and magazines and everything in between.

I also love tea, food, movies, music, podcasts, film scores, birds, the countryside, Harry Potter and Christmas.

I’m blessed with an amazing partner, a wonderful family, beautiful friends, and a generally lovely life.

To find out more about my writing and editorial services, please visit www.clairebradshaw.com.au.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Claire, I have read your article on writer’s edit about world building. Just out of curiosity, have you actually wrote a story with a imaginary world you have created and you draw your experience from its creation in the writing of the article?

    I have questions.. because I had done one myself.

    Appreciate if you could reply, from one writer to another.


    • Hi Liam,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you read the world-building article and I hope you found it helpful!

      The article doesn’t actually draw on much personal experience — I haven’t actually written anything substantial set in a developed imaginary world, so I just did a lot of research and drew on the work and advice of other writers. Feel free to leave a comment below the article on Writer’s Edit, though, and post your questions there — perhaps it will start a discussion with other writers who do have firsthand experience, whether they’re part of our team or have just happened upon the article like yourself.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of further help to you myself! I wouldn’t want to pretend to have firsthand knowledge and experience that I actually don’t, so I thought it would be best to direct you towards those who may have better advice than I do :)

      Thanks again and I wish you all the best with your fictional world!

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