How A Famous Author’s Procrastination Helped Me Overcome Mine

Today, I discovered that George R. R. Martin has a blog, which he updates on a regular, almost daily basis. This revelation led me to realise two things:

  1. People still use Livejournal? (Check it out. It has ‘current mood’ updates and everything. It’s so 2005 and I love it.)
  2. If George R. R. Martin can run a blog (while also writing probably the most highly anticipated 1500-page fantasy novel ever), then so, most certainly, can I.

Since I finished my English and Writing degree at the end of last year, I have been trapped in the following vicious cycle:

  • lament loss of creative outlet/talent;
  • become struck with sudden (usually post-midnight) inspiration for a piece of writing;
  • decide, in morning light, said piece of writing is unusable drivel;
  • repeat.

You’d think I would have long since reached the logical conclusion that, to free myself from this cycle and regain my writing confidence, I should work on a regular blog. My reason – or excuse, depending on how you look at it – for not doing so has always been that I have nothing worthwhile to write about. There are hundreds of millions of blogs on the Internet; many of them are excellent, and many are terrible. Whenever I sat staring at a blank Word document or reading the vague ‘IDEAS FOR THINGS’ note saved to my phone at 12:53am, I’d ask myself questions like: how do you make sure you don’t fall into the ‘terrible’ category by rambling about nothing for the sake of writing something? How do you measure up to all the wonderful examples of online word-wizardry out there?

I’ve since realised that the answer to both of these questions is that you don’t. Who cares if you write a few long-winded rants about stuff that literally only four other people care about? Who cares if you generate no more than six page views per month, and three of these are from you Googling yourself? Based on my newfound understanding, the most important feature of a personal blog should be that the writer enjoys and gains something from creating it.

And so, thoroughly inspired by Mr Martin’s blogging habits (even though I would rather read The Winds of Winter than his thoughts on the latest NFL game … come on, George, you can watch football after you tell me who dies next), I have taken to WordPress to revive the blog I apparently started on July 31, 2012. I’ve left my long-forgotten first post up because I like its main idea: the importance of focusing on the lovely little things in life. I’ll be using that way of thinking as a loose theme for my future posts, in which I plan to celebrate the things I love and the things that make life so awesome.

So, to anybody actually reading this, know that sometimes – maybe even most of the time – I won’t have anything to offer you directly. That said, I’ll try not to be completely useless! I’ll review/post my thoughts on various books, movies and music; I’ll write about some random tips and tricks that I find helpful for day-to-day living; and I’ll try to maintain an overarching theme of appreciation for all the good things life in general has to offer. But sometimes, I will just write for the sake of writing: for the joy of describing an amazing day; for the relief of verbally venting frustration; for something to do, and to feel that I’m doing something.

I hope that you, dear and possibly imaginary reader, are ok with that. :)