Frustration, I win this round.

Frustration is a tiresome emotion, and it’s always been one I don’t handle well. Things that frustrated me today included:
– not being able to stay in Sydney to take care of my boyfriend, Nathan, who has come down with a virus. This was because I had to travel 3.5 hours home to my menial retail job (for a shift that was half an hour shorter than my train travel);
– leaving half the contents of my wallet in the car while at a shopping centre this morning, so not using my staff discount on all the crap I picked up for Nate at Kmart, and having to get him to pay for it;
– realising later, as I folded shirts out of boredom during said retail shift, that my discount card had been RIGHT THERE IN MY BAG THE WHOLE TIME. (It would only have saved me $4, but hey, that $4 could have paid for something excellent, like a milkshake.)

I know those aren’t really things to give the world sass over. But maybe some other frustrating things are: one example, which has been riling me up to no end, is the unfathomably high number of copies the Fifty Shades of Shameless Lady Porn series is selling at the moment. To an extent, I understand that everybody is buying them because they ‘want to see what all the fuss is about’. What I do not understand is why seemingly nobody then realises that all the fuss is about A TERRIBLY WRITTEN, GLORIFIED MILLS & BOON NOVEL that can only be separated from its origins in Twilight fanfiction by its gratuitous overuse of sex scenes!

And there I go, getting worked up over the fact that people get worked up (in a different way, heh) over that abominable series.

Therein lies the power of frustration: things of a grandly trivial nature may be magnified tenfold by the sheer fist-clenching annoyance of that emotion. The only thing to do is to transform gritted teeth into a grin by concentrating on the awesomeness that life dishes up alongside irritation. I may have had to work a boring shift today, but last night I had the loveliest date evening in the form of dinner and a show (bruschetta, ravioli, tiramisu and a bottle of pinot noir, followed by the bright Swedish pop of Miike Snow, in case you were wondering). My train ride might have been long and Fifty Shades of Grey might suck, but I got to read A Clockwork Orange in its entirety during the trip, and that is a really good book. And I may not have been able to stay and look after my lovely boyfriend, but the main thing is, I have a lovely boyfriend. And to be lucky enough to have that beautiful boy and wonderful books and live music and Italian food, I am irrepressibly happy. :)

The only shades of grey anybody should be reading about. Murakami’s ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’

Miike Snow. Image courtesy of

Nathan. :)